México Realty Broker

The Mexico Realty property brokerage services include:

1: Check for liens against property including up to date property taxes.
2: Research property area, check for any possible annoyances in the area including noise and privacy issues.
3: Security review of property area.
4: Professional building and construction inspection report.
5: Negotiation for buyer.*
6: Setting up meetings with publico notario and bank for property purchase.
7: All required translations.

Price: 7000 Pesos - 50% deposit required.

* As gratitude for saving you money from your property purchase in Mexico, it is recommended to directly offer your broker at least 10% of negotiated savings. For example, if the property you purchase was listed privately for 1,000,000 and your broker negotiated price the price down to 900,000 pesos, your broker saved you 100,000!

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